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From Make in India products to giving style and comfort

Keeping pace with the trending style besides giving comfort to the customers is the prime objective of entrepreneurs.

Started in a living room, this solar energy company now boasts of over a 300MW project portfolio

One thing that all Indians can relate to are the summer vacations while growing up, mostly plagued with frequent power cuts, melted ice creams in the freezer, and fashioning makeshift fans out of everything at an arm’s distance - newspapers, cardboard pieces, and sometimes even handkerchiefs.

Pioneer In Green Energy: Kushagra Nandan, Co-Founder & President, SunSource Energy

Green energy is among the most talked-about sustainable development goals (SDG) of the United Nations. It is also a goal in which India is leading from the front.

Company Highlights

About a decade ago, the government, envisioned renewable energy as a cleaner, sustainable alternative to thermal power, and take several steps to strengthen this sector in a bid to meet the country’s energy needs.

Rooftop solar developers make concerted efforts to overcome challenges

Over the past one year, the solar power industry has increased its focus on rooftop solar development. An increasing number of states are reforming their net metering regulations. However, owing to various challenges, rooftop solar continues to be a minority segment in the country’s overall solar power ecosystem. At the “Solar Power in India” conference, senior representatives from leading rooftop development firms expressed their views on the key challenges faced by the segment, the possible solutions and the future outlook…

Growing footprint in India and Southeast Asia

After having worked in the US solar energy industry for over a decade, two solar engineers, Adarsh Das and Kushagra Nandan, returned to India to start their own venture. They set up SunSource Energy to primarily focus on the solar power requirements of commercial and industrial (C&I) consumers. “The Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission and the increasing use of solar power on a commercial scale encouraged us to fulfil our dream of coming back and starting a venture,” says Das.

Solar power growth hit by GST, import duty woes

The ambitious target of setting up 40 gw of rooftop solar power in the country by 2022 seems impossible with the government taking its 'eye' off this ambitious programme.

"Rooftop solar has taken a back seat… The government has taken its eyes off rooftop solar," SunSource CEO, Adarsh Das told DNA Money.

SunSource, the Rs 400 crore start-up company, is in the business of erection of commercial and residential solar rooftops, besides building large solar power plants across the country and some overseas nations, including the Philippines.

Solar firms see sunrise on residential rooftop

In their rush to grab the first mover advantage in the segment, they are hopping onto the rooftop even before the government came out with proposed sops

Even before the government has come out with policies and regulations to give rooftop solar a big push, major solar companies are looking to tap opportunities in the residential rooftop solar kit segment to grab a big chunk of the market.

SunSource Energy: Assisting Industries to Reduce Energy Expenses

Today, Max Bupa generates 68.5 kW of solar power, has snipped its monthly electricity expense by around Rs.1 lakh

How SunSource Energy emerged as one of the key players in India's

Bathed in the artificial yellow light of a New Delhi restaurant, the dainty dumplings lay unattended.
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