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From Make in India products to giving style and comfort


From Make in India products to giving style and comfort

One thing that all Indians can relate to are the summer vacations while growing up, mostly plagued with frequent power cuts, melted ice creams in the freezer, and fashioning makeshift fans out of everything at an arm’s distance - newspapers, cardboard pieces, and sometimes even handkerchiefs.  While diesel generators were available, the emissions from these generators were never desirable. The Indian government then announced the launch of the National Solar Mission in 2010, and this finally signalled innovation in the solar space. 

Kushagra Nandan and Adarsh Das saw this as an opportunity to take the entrepreneurial plunge. 

Graduates from University of Massachusetts, the duo returned from the US and founded SunSource Energy in January 2010. SunSource is a provider of solar-based energy and storage solutions to commercial, industrial, and institutional clients across seven countries. Starting its operations from Adarsh’s living room in Gurugram, SunSource later moved its headquarters to Noida. 

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