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Renewable energy and upcoming structural reforms

Adarsh Das on Economic times

Renewable energy and upcoming structural reforms

What else can a RE developer wish for to be bullish to invest into Indian renewable energy - stronger market growth possibilities with long-term visibility, robust contractual framework, and resilient, timely, and self-sufficient legal framework.

In an article a few days back, I said 'Solar, post the pandemic period, is likely to come out stronger’. At that point in time, it was merely a projection based on our credentials, business understanding of the fundamentals of solar, and faith in the legal and regulatory framework of the Indian electricity sector. However, the Ministry of Power on Friday afternoon, by issuing the much-awaited structural electricity framework reform, has truly reciprocated this faith, and the aspirations we have as an Indian RE developer. The proposed amendment highlights the importance of renewable energy (RE) as a cornerstone in policymakers’ intent.

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