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Power Pathways: Clean energy open access challenges and solutions

In the wake of the heightened demand for clean energy fuelled by net zero am­bitions, economic viability and governmental impetus, India has witnessed significant strides in the renewable energy sector.

Virtual Roundtable on Empowering India's C&I Sector to Attain the Nation's Net-Zero Ambitions

Virtual Roundtable on Empowering India's C&I Sector to Attain the Nation's Net-Zero Ambitions

Is it wise for India to lead the Energy Transition agenda?

New Delhi: COP26 in Glasgow saw India’s Hon’ble Prime Minister make a bold announcement that India will become Net Zero by 2070.

Why 2023 could be India's year to build a strong foundation for Energy Security

In summary, in 2023 with continued government support and underlying long-term market drivers, we can expect higher levels of technology development

The C&I market for renewables will explode over the next decade

Decarbonisation efforts have taken center stage in India since our Hon’ble Prime Minister announced India’s Net Zero goals by 2070.

The Bridge to 280 GW Of Solar. Corporate India Steps Up

The rising module prices will likely demand that solar developers have enough capital. The tariffs will need to increase.

This once, the UN secretary-general’s wishes may come true!

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres recently came out with a prescription of sorts, to mitigate climate change by accelerating the ongoing critical energy transition.

Our planet requires comprehensive and urgent action!

The IPCC report, to summarize, is a code-red for humanity to take cognizance of the alarming human-induced climate change that is already affecting.

Sovereign green bonds, battery swapping policy to help in achieving renewable energy goals

During the Budget presentation, Sitharaman noted that with Budget 2022, the government will promote the energy transition and climate action. 

Budget 2022: A prescription to boost the growth of the renewable energy industry

Given the recent focus and announcements by the Prime Minister, the industry expects a highly progressive and growth-oriented Budget for the sector
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