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A Leading Textile Company in Rajasthan

SunSource Solar Plant for Textile company
A Leading Textile Company in Rajasthan
Reducing dependence on captive thermal power plant


One of the leading textile companies in the Bhilwara Industrial Belt wanted to move to solar power to reduce its dependence on coal-based power since it was a challenge for them to procure and store the same for their captive thermal power plant. The client also wanted to transition to solar-based power as it wanted to reduce its cost of operations. As the client had a large land parcel available within the premises, we developed an on-site rooftop+ground mount solar solution.


  • Location: Rajasthan
  • Project Capacity: 10 MW (6 MW Ground Mount + 4 MW Rooftop)
  • Solution: On-Site Solar
  • Estimated CO2 Offset: 350,000 MT
  • Contribution to Client's Overall Energy Need: 40%
  • Year Commissioned: 2021
  • Equivalent Trees Plantation: 700,000

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