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Jindal India Limited

Jamia Millia Islamia
Jindal India Limited
Towards Net Zero: Jindal India Limited's Path to Sustainable Steel Manufacturing.


Iron and Steel sector is the single largest contributor to the country’s CO2 emissions (or 7% of the global co2). Jindal India Limited, a prominent steel producer, aiming to reduce its carbon footprint, partnered with SunSource Energy. We developed an on-site Solar project for the client to help them with their energy transition while delivering significant savings. Together, we strive for Jindal's net-zero objectives, fostering a greener, sustainable future for India.


• Project Capacity: 1 MWp.
• Solution: On-Site Power Plant
• Estimated CO2 Offset: 28 million kg
• Savings: Up to 40%
• Year Commissioned: 2023
• Equivalent Trees Plantation: 56000
• Lifetime Generation: 30 million kWh

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